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21 October, 2014

Sawmill Creek Wines - A good quality wine at a lower price than expected

I normally frequent the LCBO for bottles of cheap ( >$10) wine for cooking and as something to have in the fridge, but I’ve had the opportunity to experience some really high-quality wines as well. 

I’ve never had Sawmill Creek wines, but had the opportunity to try it with a recent BzzAgent promotion. I received a Wine Rack gift card which would provide two small bottles for me to try.

I had my best friend over last Friday and we made dinner at my apartment. I decided instead of having beer (which we normally do) I should use this gift card and we could have wine for the evening at home.

The most unimpressive part of this review was actually locating a convenient Wine Rack – the locations are scattered and were not in convenient places for me. I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving and their city did not even have a Wine Rack!

My friend and I selected a tetrapack of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio which came to about $24, covered with my $25 giftcard.

I liked the fact they came in Tetrapacks, making it easier and lighter to carry than their glass counterparts. I had the Sauvignon Blanc first and it was a nice flavour, but very watery/light. It wasn’t full bodied. I’m unsure if this was specific of this particular Sauvignon Blanc or the brand.

I liked the Pinot Grigio more (my go-to), and it was very smooth and dry which I like. Overall I was impressed with the quality and price point, with each bottle being about $10, this was an inexpensive wine that was a much better product than their lower-quality counterparts. 

12 September, 2014

Pantene PRO-V Ultimate 10 Review

I recently got my BzzKit from BzzAgent in the mail, which included products from Pantene's Ultimate 10 collection: Shampoo, conditioner, and BB hair creme.

  • Shampoo 
    • I liked the shampoo immediately. It smelled great and it was an opaque and creamy texture, unlike some shampoos which look/feel like body wash. I read the label and it didn't mention anything about keeping the product on for a specific amount of time, so I used it and rinsed it out, and then repeated (I don't normally lather, rinse, repeat, but I wanted the benefits right away since my hair is fried - can't hurt right?).
  • Conditioner 
    • I used the conditioner afterwards, as you do, and loved the texture. It was very thick and rich, and smelled great like the shampoo. I always was a fan of Pantene PRO-V products because they smell incredible and the fragrance lasts even after you style your hair. I didn't repeat the conditioner, but did treat it like a hair mask by applying it an clipping it up while I finished my shower. I rinsed it out after maybe a minute or two and it felt softer even in the shower (that could be the placebo effect but I was still happy).
  • BB Creme
    • I love this one the most. Instructions said two pumps which I used, and distributed to my bangs and ends, where the damage mostly is. I have no idea if this will help more or less but I did it anyway. Then after leaving it in for a minute I brushed my hair out gently as it was still wet, and pinned it up for 10 min or so. I dried and styled my hair as usual and aside from it smelling great still, I could notice it was softer and it styled much easier. I don't know if that was intentional for the product but my hair was holding it better (my bangs are fried and they don't hold a shape well).

Overall I am excited to keep using the products to see if the effects will increase. So far I'm very impressed, and as a normal Pantene user, I would pick this up again for sure.

27 August, 2014

Clover answers your questions on relationships, careers, and more!

I pride myself on my advice-giving skills; it's one thing I've always been able to do.

Maybe I should have been a psychologist, who knows.

I've also been lucky (??) to have had a TON of experiences (the best and the fucking worst), and have been given many opportunities in my professional and personal life. I'm very fortunate to be where I am and I've happy that I've had the mindset I do to have allowed me to get here (thanks mom!).

In saying that, I'd love to answer your questions. Could be anything from relationships and personal issues and thoughts, to professional career advice, and everything in-between. 

I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I would love to offer my POV on things you may be mulling over or not sure how to approach.

If you want to email me (anonymous) you can do so through my contact form or leave a comment below, or reach out to me through my FB page or my Twitter.

I will post all questions and answers when I respond, leaving out all names.


Having someone to talk to is always important, no matter what mindset you are in. I encourage you, if you feel like you have nobody else to turn to, I would be DELIGHTED to get in touch with you to talk. 

A list of help lines are available here, globally.

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