15 January, 2011


Once in every passing while, there are these rare instances in which your whole mind is subjected to the tortures of watching other people’s creations. You watch and you learn from it, in hopes that you too will become inspired enough to strive for what you want in life; your calling. You hope and wish so badly that you could be the one who thought of that, could be in the spotlight, could be where you want to be so badly; you have these revelations of intense proportions. You get overwhelmed with emotions you didn’t know you were feeling until they pound at you to be let out, and you can’t help but succumb to them, because the intensity is just so strong you can’t hold it back.

You want something so badly, but you think you’d never be good enough; can’t go there can’t be that, can’t do this well enough; there are too many artists, too many directors, too many actors, chefs, architects... too many of what you want to be for there ever to be enough room for you. Why not you? Why them, why not you. Did they fall into it? Did they happen to get a lucky break? Did they prepare their whole lives for the one defining moment in their own life to shoot them out like a cannon from the cage containing the others, and found themselves plummeting into what they wanted?

Is it all too much? Is it all worth dreaming about? How many people want to ‘be this’ and ‘be that’ and hope and dream their faces off, and know that the chances are slim, know that there is no American dream.. they know that not everyone who tries hard makes it anywhere and they end up being stay at home moms, or dads, with dead end jobs, and no desire to try any harder because there’s no point, did they finally realize what the world is too na├»ve to see? That even if you subject yourself to the terrors of the industry, there will probably be no reward, and no encouragement.

Do you believe that the world doesn’t give a shit about you, the world is just evolving rapidly, and the societies living in it have created a falsehood, that if you ‘try’ and ‘work’ hard enough at your pitiful life you can make something out of yourself… You can try to beat out the other 100 billion people in this world to the few spots available, you can try as hard as you damned well can, in vain, just to know that you wont make it, but you tried your best and isn’t that all that matters? Isn’t that what everyone is programmed to think?

Every individual is different; everyone has different qualities, different fingerprints, different voices… That’s what makes us all the same. We are all the same, but vary in ways that are similar to the slightest degree, not enough to be dramatically different, but enough to call ourselves that? ‘Different’, when we know we are all the same. Mankind tricks you into thinking this philosophy so you can fuel the economy with your dreams of becoming someone, and feed into insecurities so much, that you have no choice but to believe what people tell you is true, because there is no difference anymore, no difference if they are lying to your face or telling the truth... because in the end we believe what we want to hear. That is the tragic downfall of human beings. We have blind faith in humanity, in ourselves.

Religion, faith, god, all of that was a creation of mankind to help us become better people. Because, isn’t that what religion is? Respect and acceptance of others? But when religion ends up defining to you who you can and cannot be, who you can and cannot see, what you can and cannot do... isn’t that just what we are running from? Rules... boundaries... we expect ourselves to be free but give up in our plights to what we never questioned could be wrong. What we never even thought about, that could turn our whole existence upside down. We don’t want to believe religion is a falsehood, because then mankind would rest on even more unstable ground in the world. We as human beings need to be loved and cared for, right from the time we are born up until the time that we die. We think we can be independent but here’s news: we can’t live by ourselves. John Donne said that “no man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” This cannot be closer to the truth. Everyone needs something, somebody. Everyone is intermingled and intertwined, even in the vastness of this world and our beliefs. People think they are ‘an island’, they don’t need anyone because no one will be there for them -Which is the point I am trying to establish. Sure it’s easy to believe, and it’s harder to disprove, but isn’t that the whole point of human nature? We thrive on knowing the unknowable, cracking the safest boundaries and going where no man has gone before. Isn’t that which is easy to know, the most daunting, and the most disconcerting thing to accept?

Yes it is. That’s why it is challenged, day in and day out. The simplest answer becomes the most complex dilemma to disprove what is to be 100% true and already accepted throughout the world. We are continually changing and manipulating boundaries given to us and passed down through centuries of matter-of-factly professors that croon to us the significance of their findings only to be begotten by others centuries later. There is no truth to our world, only what is perceived.

And as I sit here with tear soaked truths, one thing I know for sure is that no man is an island, entire of himself; Because everyman is a piece of the continent. Everyone is a part of a jigsaw puzzle that is our lives and even though violence, ignorance and arrogance beget each other, so does love, respect and tolerance. There is hope yet. Our world is not doomed to be tipped eternally downhill, making the human races struggle daily to walk on its surface. Hope begets hope, and that’s what we need to pull our heads up out of the black clouds of metaphorical damnation, and into the light and freshness of new science, ideals, new leaders, new ways to live our lives… new hope.

Faith does not always have to pertain to religion for it to be meaningful. Faith is the belief that we are bigger then this world, it is the belief in what we cannot prove, or see, but know it is there. Faith keeps society afloat in times of flood and keeps us alive in drought. Because if we should believe in anything, have faith or hope in anything, it is ourselves, and the entire human race. We are not living in a world of disaster. With anything, our world has its ups and downs, but we will not succumb to them, we will not bow before them and let it control us, we will not let out lives be controlled by something we perceive as being the only way, and that we can do nothing. Everyone can do something, and everyone can change the world, even the slightest bit, can set of a chain reaction of hope.

Do not sit any longer thinking the world is chaos and it has marinated too long in its negativity to be saved. We are all in this together, as a whole, and although sometimes people stray, the world is a place of hope. We hope for new beginnings, we expect change, but by someone else. Surprisingly society is not conditioned to sit back and watch as other people take what we want. Everyone has a chance in this world, everyone is connected to someone else, be it the same change which argues unity, or the change which divides us from those who stay behind and do not seek their place in this world. Even though we are connected through assimilation, we are still different. Even though we watch in horror at things going on in this world, and come to expect it, it is not so.

Once in every passing wile, there are these rare instances in which your whole mind is subjected to the tortures of watching other people’s creations. Your thoughts, whether pessimistic, optimistic, realistic... In every aspect you choose one of two things. You can come to terms with the fact that people will always tell you that you won’t make it among the legends, the prodigies, the leaders, or the world changers… or you can believe in your own life, your own path and how you make it, and have hope that you will.

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