27 January, 2011

Review of RIFT trailer

I decided to watch this trailer to humour a friend of mine's obsession with it. I was met with legit looking graphics, however they're rendered so basically any game past Atari would look like this. Also a pretend Orc and Night Elf and Human, all reminiscent of Warcraft, summon a giant salad from a hole in the sky while a LOTR Uruk-hai jumps out of some poison ivy and ends up dying by getting poked in the back by a stick when a axe wielded by a huge horse-man didn't spilt him in two.

The woman proves useless except for her flimsy powers (hell, nice powers but too bad you can't defend yourself from real threats instead of a flimsy arrow with a shitty ice shield) which reiterates feminine sterotypes in video games, where she needs th man to take car of her, oh wait, he died too. Looks like the lame human gets to live and the badass guys die. Also the crow dies too which i'm sure PETA will notice.

Anyway, all in all looks not horrible for a game made in the late 90s that looks like a clone of EverQuest.

Zing. Jk, it looks somewhat legit.

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