11 February, 2011

Horror Haunted - A Short Story

A little dity I whipped up when I was on my horror story kick.

"Hey! that's not fair!!" I laughed, as Todd ran off ahead of me, hidding playfully in the hanging curtains.

The fair was his idea, he always wanted to go, but his mom wouldn't let him. Apparently she said the place was too dangerous since the rides are so sketchy looking.

Marie was always so paranoid about everything, she was always in a bad mood. I heard Todd's dad Mark was always threateningto leave her.

But she died last march, and the carnivals are always here during halloween, so Todd finally said he'd go.


"I'm coming!" I said, and tried to feel around in the darkened room full of dead ends.

I got to the part where I last saw him.

There was a wall.

"Was this always here?" I wondered out loud


No answer...


I heard knocking.

Where was that girl?

"Yoo hoo... Karen?" I didn't get a response back. Someone definately was knocking on something.

This was getting weird. I had a weird feeling in my stomache. I started running around the mirrored and covered maze, trying to find the exit. I saw a glowing red sign up ahead.


It dimly glowed.

"What the... Where the hell am I?"

I turned around at the hallway I just came from.

It was gone. Replaced with another sign.



I walked out of the hall of mirrors hoping Todd would meet me out there since we lost each other inside.

No, no one was there.

Not just Todd, but... anybody. The carnies were not there, there were no people...

The grounds were pretty much empty.

It started to rain, and I started to get worried.

I remembered he had his cell phone on him, so i took out mine and dialed, hoping to hear his ring from inside.

"This number does not exist. Please try your call again."

"What?" I said, "That's impossible... I just called you an hour ago..." I muttered to myself.

I sat and waited.

I waited 2 hours and no one came out. I figured he must have come out a different way and not seen me.

Maybe he went home. I'll call his house tomorrow.

I walked home, all the while having a really creepy feeling.


I woke up this morning in a great mood.

The trees were shades of reds, purples.. It was beautiful. I love fall.

I walked downstairs and found breakfast was made, and the kitchen was clean - for once - and the newspaper was on the table.

"Morning babydoll," My husband Mark smiled sweetly up pouring orange juice for me. "You sleep ok?"

I smiled at him and nodded. He sat down to eat when the phone rang.

"I'll get it" I said, as I picked up the phone.


"........" Silence was on the other end, "Um... hello.. I'm sorry, I think i called the wrong number."

"Oh?" I questioned. There was a girl on the other line, that sounded like she had seen a ghost. "Who were you looking for?"

"Um, Todd, Todd Jackson?" She sounded very confused.

"This is the Jackson house..." I started to wonder what was wrong with this girl.

"I'm sorry, this will seem very rude... but who am I speaking to?"

"This is Marie? Who is this?" There was silence on the other end. The girl then told me her name and became silent again. I became very uneasy about this girl on the other end of the phone.

"Marie Jackson? Is your husband's name Mark? Do you have a son named Todd and a daughter named Jenifer?" She sounded almost hysterical.

"Yes... my name is Marie Jackson, I do have a husband and daughter by those named, but I don't have a son. I'm sorry you must have the wrong number after all. Please don't call here again." I hung up the phone.

"Honey, who was it?" Mark asked.

"I'm not sure, someone named Karen. Wrong number."


I had the weirdest day at work.

The fair was leaving soon, and everyone was called in to help. It was my day off. I hate that.

So there I am, sweeping the pathways when this kid runs up to me out of breath.

She screams something to me about the mirror hall, and asks if I'd seen another kid, who was here yesterday about her age.

I told her I only worked Wedensdays because I have another job to save up for college. Pays me more then this place ever could.

She screamed at me to go into the mirror hall and something about her friend not coming home.

I just told her listen, I work this gig part time, once a week, I don't know anything about yoru friend. All I know is I'm getting paid $8.25 an hour to sweep peanuts from the stairs.

She was freaking out, threatened to call the police. Said I kidnapped this kid.

What a nut. I ended up calling the police on her, they took her home.

We don't need more freaks here that aren't even getting paid for it.


Todd is still missing.

After the police took me home that day my parents made me see a shrink. They told me I had problems I needed to work out.

The fair packed up and left soon after. I haven't heard from Todd since that day.

It's like he just vanished and everyone forgot he existed. Even his parents.

My doctor told me the Jacksons never had a son. Todd was never a real person, that I made it all up in my mind due to some traumatic issues I must have had as a child.

No one reembers Todd, no one from school... nobody. How is this even posible? I ask myself that every day.

It's been a year since it's happened and I've made peace with it. Theres nothing I can do to change anything even though I don't understand it.

I sighed and flopped onto my bed. My cell phone starts to buzz.

"That's weird." I havent had many friends since everyone thought I was crazy.

I couldn't find my phone! Where was it? It stopped buzzing.

"Ahh hear it is." It was under a pile of papers on my desk. I looked at the phone, there was one new text message.

it only said one word.


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