26 February, 2011

Miniblog Part 2: A+ For Douchery

Welcome to another Miniblog. This is part 2 in my “5 Things you wouldn’t fucking believe happened to me - but did” series; this episode is called “A+ For Douchery”. Just as a refresher, this series explains 5 things that have happened to me based on my nerdy/geeky/computer/video game experiences as a woman who is into geeky things and also works in the video game industry. Keeping with a common theme here, I will be explaining another thing that you won’t fucking believe happened to me when I was working at Best Buy and starting my cultural embarkment-of-no-socially-acceptable-return into Geekery/the rest of my life.

So I work at Best Buy during the holidays and the summers to afford my secret/not-so-secret WoW addiction at the time (it was a very dark period in my life- I don’t want to talk about it… Let’s just keep it at the fact I pulled mad aggro with my Destro ‘Lock). I was going through school on a Communications and Information Technology Degree, which was half writing essays and half actual computer hardware/software stuff in labs.

The new GM at the time had asked me to go into the Geek Squad department, he said it would really help out my career.

1. Lie: He didn’t even know my last name, never mind bothered to remember what I went to school for

2. He wanted me to go into Geek Squad so he could reap the benefits of a hot girl offering (geeky) services. <-- Another manager’s words, not mine

He said I needed my A+ Certification but Best Buy would pay for it if I passed. Also a lie: as I knew a lot of people who got screwed by this pretend promise. I decided I was intrigued by the possibility of having an A+ Technician Certification on my resume, and decided to look into it for myself, and not him or Best Buy.

I found myself in Chapters later that week, milling around the computer guides, looking for the infamous Michael Meyers gold and red A+ book. It was pretty pricey and it weighed about as much as I did, but I figured the first step would be to buy the book, study, and take the test at my leisure. I hauled the book to the front cash, nobody was really there, and one of the young guys behind the counter greeted me and waved me over.

Let me set this up for you; pretty, blonde, green-eyed, tall, petite girl, hauling a computer technician book isn’t exactly the norm in the field (I can say this because I went through 4 years of computer science classes where one of my two female rivals went by the name “Kevin”, and the other one looked like Napolean Dynamite).

I get to the counter and there’s a jock-looking guy standing behind the till. The awkward “did you find everything you were looking for” speech came and went as he grabbed my book to scan it in. The dialogue (although not verbatim, but similar) went something like this:

Jock: “Oh, you know this is a computer technician study guide, right?”

Me: “Yep.”

Jock: “You know someone who is studying for their A+?”

Me: “Yeah, me.”

Jock: “Yeah right.”

Me: “…”

Jock: “Girls don’t buy books like this.”

Me: “I'm actually in Computer Science at University.” (Note: Not entirely accurate but comparable)

Jock: “I don’t believe you.”

Me: *Raises eyebrows*

Jock: “I just mean, usually computer stuff is done by guys, that’s all I meant.”

He rings me through and I hand him my credit card. He makes a face/noise about how much a book about computers costs. I take my book and receipt.

Me: “I should have bought shoes instead”

As if this conversation even happened. I'm not sure if my quip at the end was makeup or shoes, but I made it, and the guy laughed. In the back of his mind you know he was probably thinking “You should have”, which might have been a better idea because I never ended up going for the test and I still have the book.

The point is I read the book, and I made notes, and I studied for it. However, those who went to college or university will know that sometimes you don’t have time to study for something that isn’t a necessity or worth marks, when you have other things that need to get done. Like farming mats to make my Frostweave Armor or running instances trying to roll on a dropped Terokk's Shadowstaff… and homework if there’s time.

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