05 February, 2011

Scumbag Steve Usurped my Blog

This is a new meme that everyone should know. It’s called “Scumbag Steve”, and according to Knowyourmeme.com his real name is Blake Boston and basically the meme runs around the fact that everyone knows a Scumbag Steve: a friend or acquaintance who is a scumbag.

A friend from work and I tweeted about this link (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/scumbag-steve) and were laughing, when out of fucking nowhere the real Blake Boston tweets us. This is not a lie. My original post was to make my own Scumbag meme, but this has took a hilarious turn (as is my life) and the real Blake Boston has tweeted me. I will address the progress of this first and how it started.

A friend from work, Richard, messaged me a funny meme on Twitter. This is the timeline of the tweets:

Richard messages me this:

HILARIOUS meme... http://thechive.com/2011/02/04/everybodys-least-favorite-house-guest-scumbag-steve-30-photos/

I send a tweet out after going to the link and laughing my ass off:

http://ow.ly/3QMen @richardyum GOD damn that is hilarious, #ScumbagSteve I like the arrested for stealing playboy and Doritos

I immediately got the following tweet in response:

@BlakeBoston617 Blake Boston : @Amanda_Lei @richardyum this on one of thosse memes or some knows me.just playin

I decide this guy is just a weirdo and ignore it, and decide to tweet two of my own Scumbag Steve quote, just for fun since it was a trending topic on Twitter:

#ScumbagSteve "No man, I got mad plans tonight." - Hang outside Pizza Hut Saturday night oogling 13 year olds who come in with their moms

#Scumbagsteve : Invites himself over - Eats all your watermelon

I then get yet another response from “Blake Boston” about the tweets I just sent:

@BlakeBoston617 Blake Boston : @Amanda_Lei hahahhaaa thats funin funny

I get a direct message from Richard in my inbox, and we have a small conversation that went like this:

Richard: whoa.. the REAL scumbag steve just tweeted us... feels so twilight zone yo.

Me: Lol I doubt that's him.. Equally may be a scum bag tho

So this morning I look at the tweets on my computer (I was on my blackberry before) for a closer look at Steve. This is where I looked up the meme and his real name and found out that yes, his real name is in fact Blake Boston, and he actually tweeted me. I message Richard again this morning:

Me: Lol omg I think you're right I looked up his name, it’s the same real name... Omg hahaha

Richard: OMFG

Me: I am dying laughing I'm writing a blog about it

Richard: You should marry him

Me: Ewww

I look up “Steve” aka Blake Boston’s profile on Twitter and it says: Im Blake Boston.Im from Boston. I guess Im also a meme (whatever the f*ck that is). scumbag steve. whatever. FUCK YA IM SCUMBAG STEVE.DEAL

…I have found the real Scumbag Steve everyone. And he lives in Boston for REALSIES. And of course this would happen to me.

/EDITORS NOTE/ Saturday 5pm

Scumbag Steve found my blog, and my blog comments on my personal twitter account. I will show you the jpegs of me talking to a friend, and him commenting on them.

On a different note, I decided to make up an additional meme based on a girl scumbag (everyone knows those). I have included 17 quotes from Scumbag Jenn and the original in case you would like to make and submit your own (I sense a contest coming).

Scumbag Jenn Original

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