05 February, 2011

Typical Friday Night for Chris

So today I am minding my own business on You Tube watching dumb videos of cats or something when my MSN goes off.

Now for those of you who don’t know, MSN is kind of like the Bat Signal, and I'm Bruce Wayne, only poor and not as good at spelunking. When the signal goes off that you have a message, you’re like “OH SHIT, it must be important”, because no one uses this shit anymore. Basically Facebook is the new black, which once was MSN. Anyway.

So I have it on 24/7 for nostalgic purposes mostly, and I have a couple friends who aren’t on Facebook/much (the HORRORS!) I talk to on there. So when the orange blinker goes off I rush to my Bat Cave and take out the BatWing on that Ma. *clicks to open*

I will now share the delight I found on the other end of this message. Please note that I would normally just close it out right away but I thought I might as well get a blog out of this. I swear to you I have not edited it in any way except pasting it on a background in Photoshop.


Chris thatguyulove says (10:18 PM)


Manda ♣ says (10:18 PM)

whos this

Chris thatguyulove says (10:18 PM)

does it matter?

i am a complete stranger

Manda ♣ says (10:18 PM)

If you’re a complete stranger then it matters how you got my e-mail and why you would message me in the first place

Chris thatguyulove says (10:19 PM)

im young and intellegent and overall a very good person

wana chat a bit?

im looking for a girlfriend, maybe

Manda ♣ says (10:19 PM)

Lol are you kidding me right now, is this a joke? how did you get my email

Chris thatguyulove says (10:20 PM)

you gave me it

i think it sometime ago, years?

im sure it was worth it if we went this far

you probably liked me

hey did you want to chat?

Manda ♣ says (10:20 PM)

uhhh sadly no. i have someone

Chris thatguyulove says (10:21 PM)

aww, well, im sorry to hear that Manda

if your not happy


Manda ♣ says (10:21 PM)

i meant sadly for you, not for me, I'm great

Chris thatguyulove says (10:21 PM)

well, don't be afraid to exercise your options

its ok.

i understand and respect you

hes a lucky guy

Chris thatguyulove says (10:22 PM)

can we still be friends?

Manda ♣ says (10:22 PM)

Lol I don’t think I want to exercise your option. I don't even know you so i dont think we were ever friends

Chris thatguyulove says (10:22 PM)


this is true Manda

but, well, I have a girlfriend also.

but a lot of the times shes really a bitch.

Chris thatguyulove says (10:23 PM)

so i just need somewhere to go and talk with


Manda ♣ says (10:23 PM)

you dont have any friends, chris?

Chris thatguyulove says (10:23 PM)

if you dont want to chat or keep me in my list thats ok

i have lots of friends, but the more the merryer

Chris thatguyulove says (10:24 PM)

merry er?

Manda ♣ says (10:24 PM)


Chris thatguyulove says (10:24 PM)

see, your making a difference

Manda ♣ says (10:24 PM)

technically i learned that in grade 1

Chris thatguyulove says (10:24 PM)

im not that stupid

come on

its a my free pass for being a ditz

Chris thatguyulove says (10:25 PM)

and now i have now more

what are you up to tonight?

ok i wont keep you

well thanks for taking the time to stop by and chat with the coolest guy in the world

Manda ♣ says (10:26 PM)

Jeff Goldblum?

Chris thatguyulove says (10:26 PM)


Manda ♣ says (10:26 PM)


good day sir

Chris thatguyulove says (10:26 PM)


Manda ♣ says (10:26 PM)


Nobody admits to not knowing Jeff Goldblum around me. Nobody. What a wack job.

-Clover out

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