27 April, 2011

Okay, Who Googled About the Lion

So I took a look at my stats on Blogger today (as I do often) just to see the basics; who's coming from where, what posts are the most popular, etc.

Blogger seems to have a surplus of fun features, including seeing what somoene Googled before clicking on your blog.

Here, untouched, is exactly what has been Googled, before someone comes to my website.

... Basically my viewers are fucking perverts and nerds.

  1. Adultery Sex
  2. Camara
  3. Colombian Girls
  4. D&D Player's Handbook for the iPad
  5. Fuck yeah Scumbag Steve
  6. Indiangirl
  7. Juegos
  8. Lion Sex
  9. MicroBikiniContest
  10. Playboy Mexico

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