23 April, 2011

Untitled Writing Challenge (Original)

This was the original post

Not too long ago I sent out a plea for help; for people to come to me for ideas about a writing challenge.

I have a few ideas noticed in the post, and I have some more to add to the mix. I wanted this challenge to be:

  1. Primarily writing based
  2. Something everyone can participate in
  3. Involves the community

I Have a few more ideas. Where the comic idea was great, it excludes those without a program to do so, and may make those who are less artistically inclined feel they are at a disadvantage.

Here are the ideas I have narrowed them down to (I am open to suggestions also!):

  1. Genre Writing Challenge - A genre is presented (possibly along with an object/name of a person/number of characters/or idea) and the users will need to incorporate their story into that genre; this lets those who are primarily one-genre focused to broaden their horizons and get out of their comfort zone. This would be a great writing exercise, and may force writers who would normally not touch certain genres to perhaps try something new- they might like it!
  2. Extras - This idea comes from popular media; users pick a clip from a movie, short video, story, clip, YouTube, Television show etc, and pick a scene where there is background action involving other people who are not main characters.
  • For example, I have picked the clip from the movie Ghostbusters when Luis Tulley has been turned into the Key Master and is running around New York. He runs into a horse drawing a carriage and says asks the horse if it is the Gatekeeper, and the man who owns the carriage yells at him. You can pick this scene and explain in up to a page or two, the dialogue going on between the man that owns the carriage and the man he is speaking with while Luis is talking to the horse. You can also carry the conversation on after Luis leaves the scene, and speculate what the two men are talking about. Basically this exercise is to take a scene which involves characters who are of no importance and creates a backstory for them; some kind of dialogue which involves them more in the scene; like a deleted scene.
If you have any comments on this, or any ideas please let me know. For now this page will contain pending ideas and name suggestions until I decide on an idea and an algorithm that works for this kind of exercise.


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