11 May, 2011

Legit iPad 2 Review Writen Version

So I made a YouTube video with the same material but I thought I'd put it in written form since I do a lot better job not embarassing myself that way.

Without further adieu:

iPad 2 review from someone who doesn’t own an iPad 2 (or the first one), but I feel like I'm qualified to review it because I used one once for 2 minutes
Here are the reasons everyone should drop what they’re doing right now and empty their wallet and soul for this iPad 2:

1.      Some people are haters because the Blackberry Playbook is coming out and people are saying it’s going to be better than the iPad because it has Flash, and Adobe doesn’t HATE them. Here’s what I think: who needs flash?! I prefer not looking at webpages made before 2005, they were the best kind. 80% of webpages use flash? I can use the loading time to do something like read War and Peace.

2.      At the lowest price point of $579 USD, you can get all 16 gbs of sweet, sweet wifi hard drive space. Hope you don’t like storing things!

3.      For $579 you can get a laptop with more than 12 times the hard drive space and features, but then how will other people know that you’re better than them if you don’t have an iPad 2?

4.      With no USB ports or SD reader, you’ll never have pesky friends to ask to borrow it to connect their camera or… anything else that was made after 1999

5.      Don’t forget about the removable battery! Wait.. what?

6.      Buying technology that has wifi only is a great way to give Steve Jobs a new gold mansion. You bought the one with 3G? Awesome, I love when 4G is out but the product you buy is only in 3G!

7.      People say that the iPad is like a big iPod. NO WAY, I have an ipod… It’s not NEARLY as big as the iPad, which makes it good for seeing things, that were slightly smaller than before on the iPod

8.      The iPad 2 can do basically everything a personal computer can do. Can it run games? Hell ya it can… Angry Birds! Can it

9.      iPad 2 uses a VGA camera on the front! That’s so awesome, my first phone 10 years ago also had a VGA camera!

10.  You don’t have to worry about spies breaking into your iPad 2 and hacking it for access to your retina display because it doesn’t have one! But my iPod does

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