13 May, 2011

Terribad Movie Posters

Ok so decided to make use of my tablet again but instead of doing comic I wanted to do funny, rudely drawn famous movie posters. So I started (in the order you see them) and as I went somehow I managed to spend more and more time on them, and I ended up starting with a hilariously bad movie poster then ended up somewhat alright. ...But that wasn't my original idea.

So as long as you know that they were supposed to be terribad drawings maybe the first few will make you laugh.To be honest I did not expect the last one to come out like that.

Also I think I should mention I drew of of them myself, no tracing, BUT I did have the original movie poster open as I was eyeballing. I could never draw without a reference.... Maybe next time if I continue with Terribad Movie Posters, next time I won't reference, I''ll just draw from memory, and then they will be very very terribad indeed.

You can click on them to make them their original size.

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