23 May, 2011

Writing Challenge: UNMASKED - The Scrawl

"It takes a good writer to convey an emotion; it takes a great writer to convey that emotion without the freedom of continual pages."

The Challenge

With so many “community based challenges” for things ranging from making games, writing stories, to contributing in other creative outlets, I have decided that I need to be a part of it in my own way; to contribute to and initiate as many writing challenges as possible. It's just such a good idea.

There are so many reasons why people to participate in these. I have compiled a list of the top reasons people like participating in these challenges and this will hopefully spark some people to go out and get involved and make them want to participate.

Here are my top 5:

1.      To feel like part of a community

2.      To practice and make time for their craft

3.      To be challenged outside their usual box and comfort zone

4.      To learn from and interact with others with the same interests

5.      To have their work viewed by many in the industry for future opportunities

Here are the focal points of my writing challenge:

1.      It has to somehow include the community

2.      Will allow writers from all levels to participate with as much or as little time as they have

3.      Will revolve around 1 page to 1 thousand words (3 pages), can be more

4.      Content will change drastically each time: May range anywhere from a word, a genre, an end, beginning, or middle of a story, names, or in the view of a stereotypical person.

I wanted something that everyone can participate in. Sometimes the requirements can make people feel excluded if they don’t have the resources or time available to them. If you have 20 minutes of free time or 2 hours, I wanted everyone to feel like they can participate no matter their time constraints. This way they can focus on making a short entry that allows them to creatively take the content guides into their own hands to come up with something entirely their own.

The Name

The names are also tricky with things like this. You want something catchy, but relevant etc. I came up with a few but then settled on The Scrawl.

I love the word “scrawl” because it connotes the idea of writing concise or rough ideas which always end up being useful. Also this ties in with my idea of “Do it. Do it all. Do it now” which is my writing mantra (#3) I’ve used since I was a kid: Write it all out, don’t think about it, get all your ideas down and then go back and fix it. What you get originally is a raw unedited view of your writing style, without the fancy editing, rewrites or length allotment to bolster your initial idea.

Of course I would love if you did edit it, but I like the idea of using 1-3 pages (or 1000 words) because it doesn’t give you enough time to gradually create a plot line, action or ending. You have to bang it all out, get all your ideas out there, and make it work in a smaller scale.
If you're interested please RT and share this link to help spread the word. The first Scrawl to be announced soon.

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