28 June, 2011

Movie Poster Ideas

So most of you know my Terribad Movie Poster post, where I tableted up some classic posters in Photoshop.

I would like you suggestions on what to do next! Iconic, recognizable posters only!

Also, I'm not gifted so nothing super detailed or posters with people as the main image as I can't draw faces or anything.

Logos like Jurassic Park or similar where  it is easy enough to eyeball.

Submit your ideas in the comments section!

25 June, 2011

Dear Nintendo

Dear Nintendo:

They say you always remember your first. I was 5 years old when I got my hands on (barely, have you seen the size of that thing?) the first generation Nintendo Gameboy system. It was heavy, it had terrible battery life, it was black and white, and it was glorious. I had more accessories for that thing than Paris Hilton had outfits for her little dogs – ironically probably smaller than the actual Gameboy.
I had the screen light attachment, I had the extra battery pack (similarly, also large), I had the cartridge cases, The Super GameBoy SNES cartridge, I had the custom Nintendo black Velcro carrying case complete with separate pouch for your spare AA batteries. I also had mad games because apparently as a little girl I would rather blow up vampires in Castlevania than belittle the feminist movement by playing with a plastic kitchen. I lugged this shit around like a chain smoking hospital patient with an IV out for a drag.
I had SNES at this time also, and due to my dad’s job, found myself literally swimming in Rubbermaid containers of SNES-headaches-caused-by-blowing-too-hard-because-your-game-wouldn’t-start games. Seriously, I work in technical support and if all my answers were as easy as “have you tried BLOWING into it?” I would make Steve Jobs look like Old Mother Hubbard and make him eat his shoe-house for breakfast.
Kids that grew up with the old school Nintendo cartridges should have lungs similar to Micheal Phelps, or a professional Saxophonist for the amount of raw lung power they exerted over the course of their system’s life. I knew a kid that played so much Nintendo, Environment Canada hired him to power one of their wind turbines… WITH HIS MOUTH.
Let’s not even get me started on the game quality. The SNES system was one of the very few systems to this day that is filled with fun, entertaining, and well published content. The games were innovative, inventive, fun, and even though most pale in comparison to Xbox or PS3 in the graphics department, the gameplay and narratives of these games could outlast even Richard Simmons in a Jazzersized game of wits.
Nintendo prides itself on being innovative; and every year it has done so. When the Nintendo 64 was introduced in my sticky little fingers it was like God Herself smiled down upon me and said “Go forth and climb up in the Facility bathroom vents, so as to evade your little brother in multiplayer mode. It shall be done.”  One could claim (and I'm going to) that Goldeneye was one of the most perfect games ever created in the history of mankind. I'm saying that as a gamer that doesn’t particularly go for FPS games, but the multiplayer mode on that bitch was arguably the best in existence. The pure pleasure derived from getting that Golden gun, and having your brother freak out and try to hide as you ran after him was priceless, and the insanity that was “slappers only” in the Caves level (you did it, don’t lie) made for 4-player birthday party hilarity.
If 007 was like a Frankenstein’s Monster mix of heroin and crack, 007 was like the Oxycodine to my Zelda habit; once Zelda 64 came out it was all over for me. Ocarina of Time is one of the best games I have ever played to date. It had a hero that I was inappropriately obsessed with, a time parallel that rivalled any other up until this point, and a typical Nintendo storyline that made you want to eat the plot with a spoon even if it were made of razorblades. I don’t know how Nintendo manages to come up with characters and plotlines that are so far and above any other publisher or company, but they do; consistently.
Once Majora’s Mask came out it was a shitstorm of comparisons to Ocarina of Time, but the beauty of Nintendo is that even as the second game, it wasn’t a direct sequel. New plot, new ways to involve the same characters, they even manage to take Link and reinvent his entire existence, yet still keep him the same; it’s a mindfuck of awesome to the power of Hyrule.
Nintendo pushes the bar every for every single game and console. Remember Pikmin for Gamecube? What an underrated game. The whole premise was ingenious, and the console as a whole was looked over in response to Playstation 2, which rivalled for the attention of pre-teens everywhere. “Nintendo doesn’t take technology into play when designing its consoles! There are no discs!” I heard this constantly when PSOne was introduced. You know what Nintendo’s retort was? Nothing. Because if you ever had kids you understand how much they give a shit about carefully placing your discs into jewel cases and not using them as coasters, Frisbees, or sitting on them so they crack in half. Have you ever run over a Nintendo 64 cartridge with your car? I have; that shit is as durable as an English nanny.
“But Nintendo doesn’t have a DVD player!” Nintendo isn’t a Swiss Army Knife, assholes. It’s a premium, quality generating content gaming system. If you want a DVD player go to Best Buy and shut the fuck up. Nintendo makes games. It designs its consoles around how best to run games; not play your Twilight Saga on Bluray. The truth is, the more your gaming consoles turn into media devices, the less concerned content creators will be with creating quality content for that system. It’s like buying a car. But wait - this car is also a motherfucking spaceship - so let’s focus on making this spaceship pimp-ass so all the hunnies come take a ride on it instead of finding out ways to make driving it on the road better. Do you see the direct correlation I'm laying down? The more shit you add onto a system, the more people will be complacent with shitty quality for its original purpose.
Take the iPhone. As a phone, it’s a piece of ass, but as a “media device” it shits rainbows, so people forget all about how fucking terrible of a phone it is. This is happening with gaming consoles; more and more R&D is going into making the ‘extra features’ like bluray better, and more and more of these ‘extra features’ are now considered standard. So when little snots go into EB Games and ask why the Wii doesn’t have a Bluray player or a complex online social media networking system and transactional sphere like Microsoft, you can tell him “because the Wii sucks Grandma’s balls, son!” But in actuality, no, no it doesn’t. It’s a game console, and it’s awesome at playing awesome and innovative games from Nintendo. Just because it doesn’t fondle your balls doesn’t make it less of a gaming console than the other big contenders.
Case in point: Zelda. Donkey Kong. Metroid. Mario. I don’t care what argument you have against Nintendo’s “technological Ludditeism”, it makes wicked fun games, and characters that you still have fun playing 25 years later. What else is out there? Two words: Duke Nukem. That test of time shrivelled up and died.
You want innovative? BAM . Motion controllers. “Oh Nintendo that’s shitty idea.” A year later BAM. Everyone has these fucking bad boys. Windwaker has cel shaded graphics? “TERRIBLE!” Oh wait what was that? The 2004 Game Developers Choice Awards and the Seventh Annual Interactive Achievement Awards gave The Wind Waker awards for Excellence in Visual Arts and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction and pulling in a rating of 95%? (Wikipedia) BAM. Awesome.
In closing, Nintendo is like the Harry Potter of the consoles; it may not have the fancy bells and whistles that the other kids have, but it is the best at what it does. Also Snape kills Dumbledore. I'm assuming he’s Dreamcast? Let’s not go into that.

They say that you always remember your first. In my case I not only remember my first, but subsequent successors to which I can remember whole libraries of content, codes, hacks and cheats for these games. Ever catch yourself humming the tune to Mario? Of course you do. What about the DK rap? Well, maybe not so much, but the point I'm trying to make is that no matter what game or system you play from Nintendo, it has always come out on top as a first-class machine that plays superior content made by an pioneering company. And 20 years later here I sit looking at a cabinet time-capsule full of ‘firsts’, ‘seconds’ and ‘followings’, there is no doubt in my mind that the experiences I’ve had will ever wane from being number 1 to me.



22 June, 2011

20 June, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 VS Battlefield 3

Guest Blog

Modern Warfare 3 VS. Battlefield 3: The Game That Will Piss Me Off Most by Children Playing Online

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (also referred to as Modern Warfare 3 or MW3) is the upcoming sequel to Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It was confirmed to be in pre-production on April 9, 2010 by Activision. Activision has slated it for a November 8, 2011 release date. Sledgehammer Games, originally planning to work on the canceled action/adventure Call of Duty, will be working with Infinity Ward on the single-player aspect of the game while Raven Software will be working on the multi-player. Sledgehammer is aiming for a bug-free Call of Duty game and ratings above 95%. It has been revealed that Modern Warfare 3 will use the Modern Warfare 2 engine.

When a massive amount of leaked information was revealed by gaming news site Kotaku on May 13, 2011, Robert Bowling responded in a tweet stating: "A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I'd wait for the real reveal." Later that day, four teaser trailers for Modern Warfare 3 were released on Call of Duty's official YouTube channel. Each one revealed a different location, New York, London, Paris, and Berlin.

The full reveal trailer was released on May 23, 2011. The trailer was leaked almost two hours before the scheduled air time, prompting Infinity Ward to officially release the reveal trailer earlier than planned. The reveal featured sequences from combat in all four of the previously confirmed locations.

Everyone is placing in the ring Battlefield 3 against MW3. Battlefield 3 is another first-person shooter action video game, being developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and to be published by Electronic Arts. The game is set to be released on October 25, 2011 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.Despite its name, it is the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise, and the direct sequel to Battlefield 2, released in 2005. Battlefield 3 will use a new Frostbite engine built especially for the game. Known as Frostbite 2, it will deliver more advanced destruction, sound, and graphics than previous versions. The updated Frostbite 2 engine can realistically portray the destruction of buildings and scenery to a greater extent than previous versions.

MW3 should be the most anticipated game of the year? -- It'll be interesting to see how they fix up the hit detection, which wasn't great at all in Black Ops and the connection issues. Mw2 didn't have much of those problems, but had lots of cheaters and hackers. Can mw3 clear all that up? I wonder if they can. And also fixing up some crappy perks from black ops like Tac Mask, Flak Jacket, Danger Close from mw2 and quickscoping. Battlefield I'm not a big fan of. I like the campaign, it isn't that bad, but the multiplayer isn't great at all, I am much looking forward to the release of mw3 and see if they fix up the problems from previous COD games. I'm sure COD fans will look for that as well.

COD multiplayer is popular, but it's still extremely unbalanced. Most of the time, unless you're using a certain weapon, attachment, perk, etc., you'll wind up losing most of the time. Realistic? Not at all. Not to mention IW's lack of a moderation system. Hackers and modders could go by unnoticed to them in MW2. How do you think that MW3 will be different?

Battlefield and Call of Duty have different styles of game play. Call of Duty: Fast paced, quick kill, quick death, pure excitement. Battlefield Series: a bit slower paced (can get hectic, though), more realistic, more team based/strategy, has vehicles, huge maps. Personally, I like both of them. There has been little reason to hide my enthusiasm for the upcoming Battlefield 3, especially considering the nearly sublime state of the game at this year's E3. EA has done everything right with making sure Battlefield 3 is going to be a hit with PC gamer. Battlefield 3 is going to be PC based (ported to consoles, not the other way around).

From the past games, who do you think will take the crown this year? I know I shouldn't be forgetting Gears of War 3. However we are on a more realistic game play topic right now. Opinions, Comments, Insults?

Battlefield 3


Written by: http://www.Selfish-Indulgence.com/  @SelfishIndulge

14 June, 2011

The Scrawl Video!

Rejoice in all that is my video editing genius

- Clover

13 June, 2011

Lost my Keys

Newest video blog about how I lost my keys.... :(

12 June, 2011

Ask me something!

Please ask me a question: Can be about anything! And I will answer it on my next Video Blog.

You can write as many as you want, just leave a comment below.

Can be about me, my life, my job, my friends, my family, or ANYTHING else!

Twitter Questions

I asked my twitter followers to ask me some questions I could talk about on my video blog post! Here are the answers!

Twitter people I mention in this video:

@tribalbob (I forgot to answer his but he asked one too!)

09 June, 2011

Googling Weirdos Part 3

I'm going to name this: Googling Weirdos

Every once in a while I like to post my Google search topics that people search for before clicking on my site. Here are my top 3 favourites from this month:

1.      Can you dance while shackled by the neck?

2.      Guide to sex with a lion

3.      Boy driving in Rebecca Black’s Friday video

WHAT is with this guy and the lion? I swear to god I never wrote a blog about having sex with a lion. I'm starting to think maybe I should, becaue that's obviously what the community wants.

Also WTF number 1, anyway. Another edition of Googling Weirdos!

Zelda Skyward Sword Trailer E3 2011

I had a cool list of blog posts for you guys but I forget them all. I've been trying to remember them but I forgot. I will show you some love soon, I know I've been a neglectful parent, I never meant to ignore you. My life is so hectic lately.

Work is crazy! I am taking on 120 more pounds of responsibility and I think I may be getting an ulcer from stress already haha

AND The Scrawl is coming to light, which is making me sick with anxiety over making sure peple are aware of it.

Also I am finding like no time to do cool-ass comics or anything fun, but I'll get to that.

To make it up to you all I've posted the Skyward Sword Trailer, because that automatically makes everything 100% more awesome.

05 June, 2011

The Scrawl Official Blog

View The Scrawl's official WordPress blog here

I'll be using my clover Quips blog to keep everyone updated with how things are going with The Scrawl and my thought process on how it's coming along.

The first Scrawl will start Thursday June 30th 2011, as Friday July 1st 2011 is a Canadian Holiday (Canada Day), and will end Sunday July 24th 2011, as the last Sunday in July falls over the Labour Day holiday (August 1st 2011).
This page was inspired by my love of writing and by my friends; who all have very different writing styles and interests. This experiment allows people of all writing and media creation levels to contribute to something where they could freely submit something in their own words, without the constraints of guidelines or genre constrictions.

As a writer my whole life, it’s stifling getting an assignment where the content is not what you are best at. This feeling turns people away from participating in events because the event may be for a niche audience or specific genre. Having friends with different backgrounds, interests, and writing styles, this experiment allowed me to look outside the box to identify what would work best to make everyone feel included.

The experiment is based on a single question. Take the question and turn it into something that interests you; a list, a research paper, a historical analysis, a short story, a memory, a poem, a video, a song, etc. This question is meant to let you be creative and lets you tell a story real or fiction, in any way that you feel strongest. Perhaps you will step out of your comfort zone and do something different, maybe you will stick to what you’re good at, or maybe you will test drive certain genres. Who knows, you may realize you have a talent you never knew about.

Love and Irish brass knuckles;

~ C

04 June, 2011

The Scrawl

The idea:

Scrawl is not a short story contest, it’s a content experiment.

It all starts with a question or thought - given by us or created by you.

Can be a story, a video, writing of any kind, a sound, a song, a drawing, a comic, a confession video, a blog video or post, a poem, a limerick, a collection of photos, a picture of someone, a photoshopped image or painting; any medium you can think of to express yourself.

Your ideas don’t need to be fancy or scripted to be meaningful. You don’t need to prime; Scrawl. Get your ideas out however you can. Make them messy. Make them unorganized. This is your life; An unplanned, unedited anthology of life lessons that no one will ever get a chance to experience like you did. So share them. Anonymously or bare your name- it's your choice.

Can be fiction, non fiction, a moral, a lesson, a bulleted list, a “I wish I knew then what I know now’, an “If I could do it differently”, a trigger for a discussion with other members of the community, a word, sentence, paragraph or memory, implications of something you’ve done, a story you would tell your grandchildren, a story you’re embarrassed of, a picture of how you felt, a comic depicting an idea you had, a song or video that makes you think of something non-related in your life, a definition, a wikiepedia article, something you would tell someone going through the same thing as you once did, a blog post, an explanation you would tell a parent when you would get in trouble, something you lied about that no one ever found out about, something you regret, a feeling about someone you never worked out, or  even something you wish you told someone but didn’t.

However you want to convey the message is your choice, just get it out!

Can be as long or as short as it needs to be. Write/create until you are done. You don’t need to be good at your submission type to enter.

Do it. Do it all. Do it now. Scrawl.

Other Writing Challenges to check out:

·         http://www.3daynovel.com/ - Write a novel in 3 days over the Labour Day weekend (72 hours)
·         http://www.dreamquestone.com/ - Short story contest (5 pages or less)
·         http://www.writersunion.ca/cn_writeforchildren.asp - Children’s short stories up to 1500 words
·         http://www.writersunion.ca/cn_shortprose.asp - 2500 word short prose for a magazine
·         http://www.writersunion.ca/cn_postcard.asp - 250 word short story competition

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