05 June, 2011

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I'll be using my clover Quips blog to keep everyone updated with how things are going with The Scrawl and my thought process on how it's coming along.

The first Scrawl will start Thursday June 30th 2011, as Friday July 1st 2011 is a Canadian Holiday (Canada Day), and will end Sunday July 24th 2011, as the last Sunday in July falls over the Labour Day holiday (August 1st 2011).
This page was inspired by my love of writing and by my friends; who all have very different writing styles and interests. This experiment allows people of all writing and media creation levels to contribute to something where they could freely submit something in their own words, without the constraints of guidelines or genre constrictions.

As a writer my whole life, it’s stifling getting an assignment where the content is not what you are best at. This feeling turns people away from participating in events because the event may be for a niche audience or specific genre. Having friends with different backgrounds, interests, and writing styles, this experiment allowed me to look outside the box to identify what would work best to make everyone feel included.

The experiment is based on a single question. Take the question and turn it into something that interests you; a list, a research paper, a historical analysis, a short story, a memory, a poem, a video, a song, etc. This question is meant to let you be creative and lets you tell a story real or fiction, in any way that you feel strongest. Perhaps you will step out of your comfort zone and do something different, maybe you will stick to what you’re good at, or maybe you will test drive certain genres. Who knows, you may realize you have a talent you never knew about.

Love and Irish brass knuckles;

~ C

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