04 June, 2011

The Scrawl

The idea:

Scrawl is not a short story contest, it’s a content experiment.

It all starts with a question or thought - given by us or created by you.

Can be a story, a video, writing of any kind, a sound, a song, a drawing, a comic, a confession video, a blog video or post, a poem, a limerick, a collection of photos, a picture of someone, a photoshopped image or painting; any medium you can think of to express yourself.

Your ideas don’t need to be fancy or scripted to be meaningful. You don’t need to prime; Scrawl. Get your ideas out however you can. Make them messy. Make them unorganized. This is your life; An unplanned, unedited anthology of life lessons that no one will ever get a chance to experience like you did. So share them. Anonymously or bare your name- it's your choice.

Can be fiction, non fiction, a moral, a lesson, a bulleted list, a “I wish I knew then what I know now’, an “If I could do it differently”, a trigger for a discussion with other members of the community, a word, sentence, paragraph or memory, implications of something you’ve done, a story you would tell your grandchildren, a story you’re embarrassed of, a picture of how you felt, a comic depicting an idea you had, a song or video that makes you think of something non-related in your life, a definition, a wikiepedia article, something you would tell someone going through the same thing as you once did, a blog post, an explanation you would tell a parent when you would get in trouble, something you lied about that no one ever found out about, something you regret, a feeling about someone you never worked out, or  even something you wish you told someone but didn’t.

However you want to convey the message is your choice, just get it out!

Can be as long or as short as it needs to be. Write/create until you are done. You don’t need to be good at your submission type to enter.

Do it. Do it all. Do it now. Scrawl.

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