09 June, 2011

Zelda Skyward Sword Trailer E3 2011

I had a cool list of blog posts for you guys but I forget them all. I've been trying to remember them but I forgot. I will show you some love soon, I know I've been a neglectful parent, I never meant to ignore you. My life is so hectic lately.

Work is crazy! I am taking on 120 more pounds of responsibility and I think I may be getting an ulcer from stress already haha

AND The Scrawl is coming to light, which is making me sick with anxiety over making sure peple are aware of it.

Also I am finding like no time to do cool-ass comics or anything fun, but I'll get to that.

To make it up to you all I've posted the Skyward Sword Trailer, because that automatically makes everything 100% more awesome.

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