05 July, 2011

Weird Baby Names I Like

So as a writer I am always using names for characters. I need to name them SOMEthing don't I? Since as young as I can remember, I have always been writing and using weird or uncommon names. I guess a psychologist will chalk it up to the fact my first name is as boring as apple pie, without the connotation of that classic Americany goodness.

Also on a separate note (and NOT as separate... as it turns out!) I have always been obsessed with The Legend of Zelda series. Always. Ask anyone, there was at least 2 pictures of Link in my locker at all times including his face screened on my Dairy Queen ice cream cake every year. As a third note I have always realized the sheer amount of characters in every Zelda game. Think about that: each game has the main characters. Then, each town has characters, each place, each dungeon has its own characters, each with names and a story of some kind.

So Zelda was my first real influence for character names, and not, like, you know, “Zelda” either (I'm looking at YOU Robin Williams…and Zelda Williams) but names of characters that may have been a bit secondary or tertiary even. For example, In Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker when you first meet the Deku Tree (apparently he’s a zombie, amirite?) you also meet the cute little Korok violinist, Makar, who is also the Wind Sage. Later on, you battle a monster in The Forbiddon Woods dungeon where you rescue Makar. This monster is called Kalle Demos.

Take these as examples of names I love: Makar and Kalle. These names and many other names have found their way into stories of mine and whoever reads them always comments on the names. “What’s with the weird names?!” I recently did a short story called The Rising which all the character’s names are random characters you won’t remember from Zelda games. Hollo, Jin, Rown, and Mila. All really awesome unique names, but yet I can see each name somewhat usable for a person (maybe an animal in Jin’s case).

I also have a habit of making up names (some have found to be actual names when I search them later on, but at the time I make them up without knowing). Some of these names can be seen in the main characters of my stories, such as Rycan or Aryll. I’ve used Kalle for numerous characters also. Below are my lists of cool names categorizes by gender:


Aodhan (Aidan in Gaelic)
Lincoln (Ryan you stole this from me!!)



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