20 August, 2011

Sober Fish: A Plenty of Fish Dating Love Story

So I realized today I had a Plenty of Fish account from a while ago.

So I checked in and there were a ton of crazies messaging me weird shit. One guy said one of his favourite things was warm sweaters from the dryer.

Anyway, I received this message, I have not edited it at all. Copy and paste.

I should mention he included a "gift" which is like some jpeg picture which I will include, no joke, below. I should just point out it said "I love you" on it.

This is what restraining orders are made of

Here is the message:


One interesting fact about me is that I never drank alcohol my whole life. I’m always been curious of how it tastes like. Someday I would like to try it with the right person. I also never dated a girl my whole life. Life is short; I don’t want to spend it alone. I enjoy long walks with a good Tim Hortons coffee in my hand just enjoying the countryside around me. It would be privilege if I can be friends with you and talk to you about stuff which interests us.

Life is beautiful. Once you get to know me, I’m a very happy and funny person to be around with.

I love ancient Greek mythology the history, legends, culture and myths behind it. I also love the history and culture of Japan. I love museums. I always dreamed of getting a job at the museum. Think about it, if you worked there you get to touch something that’s thousands of years old. Going to work would never be boring because they always change the exhibits. You always get the insiders view of stuff which the public doesn’t see.

Sorry, I sometimes talk nerd. I hope that wasn’t boring. I know you’re a busy person. Thank you for your time.

I’m currently reading this book. “Ideas that changed the world”. By: Felipe Fernandez Armesto. I’m currently learning about the basics of epistemology. It’s very fun and interesting.

I love, love and love learning to dance. I spend my free time watching YouTube hip-hop videos. I’m not very good at dancing right now. I’m going to work very hard and learn to dance.

My favourite colour is green and I love pizza. I believe you can learn a lot about a person from the types of movies a person watches.

If you’re interested in knowing my favourite movies of all time check out my info section on Facebook.
You can always unfriend me from Facebook if you’re not interested.


I’ve went through a lot of tough times in my life and I love myself now. I’m a happy person now; I just wish I was good enough to hang out with you and talk about stuff.

(In my profile it says longest relationship less than 1 year. It’s NOT true, I wanted to put 0 years. I didn’t have the choice to select 0 years. The plenty of fish website didn’t give me the option to select 0 years.)

Can you tell me something about yourself?

A sober virgin? Relationship: Acquired.

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