27 August, 2011

Story a Day

So it’s no secret that I haven’t been updating my blog lately or writing. Every time I have the urge to write I get sidetracked which is a shame.

I have been inspired by the ___ a day challenges, where you do something every day for a specified period of time just to DO IT. The results aren’t always good or clean but they get your creativity flowing.

I'm going to start a Story a Day challenge, where for 30 days (or the best of my ability) I will be writing a short story, poem, or some kind of writing every day for 30 days.

If you want to comment below with any ideas I can use or if you want to participate that would make things fun. If you have a ‘story a day’, just post it as a comment on mine and we can get rolling!

Here are my entries so far:

  1. August 28th - Lemonade 
  2. August 29th - The Closet
  3. August 30th - Houdini
  4. August 31st - Hooked
  5. September 1st - Pooch

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