17 January, 2012

Getting Ahead in the Word

LMAO just got an e-mail to CloverQuips from sex dating website looking for a link exchange, as it would benefit my "article subjects." Baha. On that note.... do I talk about sex that much that a sex website contacts me? 

Ohhhh Myyyy



My name is **************, I represent the adult dating sites **********.com
and http://www.********.com

We took a look at your site (http://www.cloverquips.com/) recently, and we are interested in a link

Our offer is actually quite interesting, a 3 way link as opposed to a
reciprocal link. You link to http://www.*******.com and we link to you on
***********.com. We offer the best type of link exchange.
Also, *********.com has a very nice directory that we have been
building so you are sure to find a category there for your site. If not,
please just make your suggestion to us.

Have a great week and I hope that we can do business with you in the very
near future.

SEO Analyst

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