22 January, 2012

Tell Me If This Sells You: Hunter Wellington Rain Boots - A Persuasive Tale

I was recently asked for some writing samples and a friend of mine suggested a persuasive piece that can sell someone on something random. If you can sell one brand over another, for a product that is not a living necessity, then you have done your job as a writer and as a marketing professional.

Creating a connection between the product and the consumer is the most important part, and as most marketing people will tell you, this can be the hardest part. How can you connect something as random and unimportant as a pair of rain boots - and not only that, but a specific brand - to a consumer to make them choose your product over dozens exactly like it for less?

You tell me.

Why Everyone Should Own a Pair of Hunter (Wellington) Rain Boots

Your alarm blares and seemingly echoes through your ear canal as you jolt awake; your face chilled by the air as your body is snug and warm inside your blankets and you mutter something about going to bed earlier. You hear the pitter patter of silken raindrops, watch them trickle down your bedroom windows and see them disappearing into the fog that gently rides on top of pavement outside like a cloud.

The scent of strong coffee and toasted, buttery, blueberry bagels wafts from your travel mug and container as you grab your briefcase with your free hand and head to the garage. The sound of the rain on your car – like an orchestra – serenades you as you drive to the train station and find the closest spot you can.
You pop your umbrella and start your walk to the platform. It’s mild for January, and the snow has turned the parking lot into a wading pool; water splashing up other traveler’s legs onto their crisp work pants and soaking through stockings.

But you have your Hunters. The walk to the platform could be 5 or 500 steps and your feet and pants remain dry and pristine. No backsplash up your leg, no water soaking through your shoes, and you never have to worry about sitting in wet socks again.

The genuine thick rubber soles make walking from the train station comfortable; cushioning your feet as you hit the pavement, trying to narrate yourself out of the hustle and bustle of rush hour commuters. The warm and cosy fleece liners allow for easy winter wear, leaving the slush and salt of January on the roads and not up the back of your legs. The liners keep your feet warm, while the rubber outer shell is 100% waterproof, making for a comfortable and easy walk to work.

Ruining shoes and boots with salt stains and winter muck is a thing of the past, now that you have your Hunter rain boots. Available in dozens of styles and colours, Hunter’s are versatile and easy to wear with everything and for anything. Slip them on to go to the mall, do some gardening, never miss out on walking your dog, and just hang out with the kids who love to splash around in the rain.

Practical for everyone, Hunter Wellington’s are ready for anything, affordable, wearable, and come in as classic or bold a style as you do.


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