14 April, 2012

Conversation with a Guy Friend

Just now I texted a friend and told him that I think I'm getting sick, and my throat was closing and my head hurt.

Before I share the conversation let me preface this post with the fact that women don't complain because they want men to solve their problems.

-We are good enough at solving our own problems, thank you very much. We however, would just like the sympathy and understanding that, yes, you agree that was a bitchy thing for Susan to say to you, or being sick sucks, or every guy is stupid.

Me: I'm getting sick, either that or I'm tired and have a headache.

Friend: Are you looking for a solution or support?

Me: I just want to complain. As a woman  I don't want you to fix my problems, I just want you to sympathize.

Friend: So support. There there Amanda, everything will be ok

Me: Not convincing enough

Friend:  Amanda, I don't know how to tell you this, but you're dying.

Me: I hate you

Friend: I'm pretty sure you're lying

Me: I'm making a blog about this

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