21 May, 2012

Canadian in Chicago - Beer, Food and Fun

Chicago Itinerary

Tuesday May 15th

  • Flew out of Toronto around 8pm, witnessed a lightning storm across Michigan lake by Chicago in the plane, was incredible
  • Seemless customs and baggage pickup, waited for Steve at the pickup at Midway Airport, he pulled up in a bright red Jeep. He got out and this huge smile was on his face and it really prefaced the whole trip.
  • We went directly to Bob's new bar in Chicago (The Beer Bistro) where we met Joey (Steve's friend) and we sat and drank for a long time

Wednesday May 16th

  • Got up about 8am to get ready for our Chicago tourist stuff. NATO was going on so a lot of it would be closed end of week
  • Went to Jelly, a pancake house for breakfast. Homemade jams!
  • Got to Shedd Aquarium about 10:30am and parked right away and there was almost no line. The NATO thing really worked to our benefit since it appears that nobody wanted to come into the city because of it, less traffic for us!
  • Took a cab to Millennium park and walked around the area. Gorgeous greenery and fountains, the bean thing, was a really amazing area
  • Went grocery shopping afterwards and there was a whole liquor store in it! Got beer, sushi, bacon-wrapped chicken, chips, pop, candy and a whole bunch of stuff and got ready to grill and have people over
  • We were starving so we ate the sushi as soon as we got back home, even though Steve wanted to order a Chicago style deep dish pizza for dinner, we ate almost all the sushi still
  • Watched Bridesmaids and some other funny things, people started to arrive and we drank and ate pizza
  • Steve's friend brought his baby pitbull over, she was only a little baby but already was ripped like she was on juice. So strong but so cute

Thursday May 17th

  • Woke up early and headed to the Skydeck. We drove by the L-Train they used in Batman and the Chicago Stock Exchange. The buildings were amazing
  • Got to Skydeck and gingerly stepped on the glass floor. Was terrifying and I think I learned I'm afraid of heights
  • Went to Kuma's Corner, a metal burger bar. They don't have traditional burgers, everything has a lot of weird stuff on it like fried egg or other random things. All the burgers were named after rock or metal bands, I had the Led Zeppelin,  pulled pork on top of a huge patty. Steve had the Black Sabbath, you can check out the place and the menu here:  http://www.kumascorner.com/about
  • We were pretty early for the Cubs game so we stopped at the Cubbyhole which is a Cubs bar across from Wrigley field where we met some really cool guys from the area and we exchanged shots and drinks
  • Headed to the cubs game, was a beautiful place! As soon as the sun went down it got a little chilly so Steve grabbed us Cubs sweaters (so nice of him!)
  • Headed back to Bob's after the game (he was the one who gave us the tickets) and had sliders, mac and cheese and tons of craft beer

Friday May 18th

  • We decided today was our relax day, after being outside and walking around all day we were exhausted. We hooked up the Nintendo 64 and played some Goldeneye and Mario Kart. Steve also let me use his pink controller and I played Call of Duty. I killed Steve once. That is all I needed to do to feel like I was getting better.
  • Friends started to arrive later on, We grilled and had beer. I had brought Ketchup chips from Canada since they don't have them, and the bag got passed around. I don't think anyone liked them but they were a huge conversation starter
  • Steve took his 4 wheeler out and did some zooming around, kickball and they played a bit of baseball before they broke the ball they were using
  • Everyone at this point is calling me Canada, Canadian, Canadia, or Camanda

Saturday May 19th

  • Woke up super early to head to Six Flags amusement park! The day was about 95 degrees F which is sweltering hot. I was literally having hot flashes the second we got out of the car. I didn't bring shorts so I hated myself
  • We got the Flash pass, so we bypassed every single 2 hour line up, plus we were allowed to ride the rides twice in a row. Telling people in line we're going again was hilarious but awkward.
  • All the roller coasters were insane, corkscrews, loops, backwards loops, upside down, etc.
  • Had lunch at the park and headed home after riding Superman twice in a row (I was super dizzy but pushed onward!)
  • Went to a little hole in the wall bar where they are still allowed to smoke. Met Richie and his lady Jess, and met up with the rest of the guys and gals
  • Headed to Blue 82 where we caused a huge ruckus. They knew the manager so we got a table reserved, but our tables were so loud and drunk, the bouncer eyed us all night. Steve had said he wanted to say something to us but couldn't since our bill was massive
  • We ordered between 7-12 rounds of shots plus beers, everyone was drunk and laughing at everything
  • The guys gave Richie a wedgie so epic, they pulled his boxers out from his pants and the elastic of the boxers came off. The guys were wearing it around their head like Rambo and slapping each other. Really was hilarious
  • My last night in Chicago :(

Sunday May 20th

  • Met everyone at Buffalo wing place for beers and wings before I had to go
  • Witnessed an older lady come out of the bathroom with probably 6 squares of toilet paper out of her pants like a tail. We killed ourselves laughing, how does that even happen?!
  • Steve dropped me off at the airport where the reality I was leaving had just sunk in. I really was devastated and pretty upset over it to be honest. I felt really sad sitting on the plane, and due to bad weather (another lightning storm!) we sat on the plane for another hour before we were allowed to take off.
  • Got back home around midnight
  • Even though I was glad to be back, but still really sad I was gone. Was the best trip of my life and everyone in Chicago was so friendly and amazing, Steve was the perfect host and gentleman, and he made the experience 100% better than it could have been without him

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