16 January, 2013

Which story do you like best and why?

Pick 1, 2, or 3

The boy’s flannel pyjamas clung to his body, damp fabric tightened around him with every breath; hair matted with sweat. He lay motionless in bed; heart thundering in his tiny chest - eyes wide and unblinking under the covers.

The man stood in the doorway with one hand on the woman’s shoulders; his stomach shrilled with suppressed hunger.

“He’s gotten so big,” her voice thrummed with excitement.


The boy snuck a shallow breath.

The man clicked his head towards the sound.

She licked her lips and stepped in.

The light of the hallway faded as the door closed.

His parents droned, filling their plates and dishing peas as they blathered on. His little sister was more concerned with hiding the peas under her mashed potatoes.

He didn't dare look up - the last thing he wanted to do was give it the satisfaction. So he kept his eyes on his plate and only glanced at it in his peripheral vision.

It was still there, clutching the crown moulding lining the ceiling.

He couldn't help it – he looked up and caught its red eyes with his own.

It winked at him.

She got up slowly; stretching her neck and spreading her massive wings. The delicate skin was ripped and tattered, frayed from centuries of flying and battle.

Her scales glittered gold under the light of the moon, reflecting intricate patterns into the water below the nest – the colours danced on the surface like leaves in the wind.

She leaned over and saw her weathered face ripple in the soft swells of water. She had made up her mind.

She rolled the gigantic egg over the nest with her tail, and stared as it sank gracefully to the bottom of the lake.

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