22 April, 2013

Green Door - A Short Story

She knew she shouldn't have gotten in the cab. She knew she shouldn't have made the call at all, but seeing her Blackberry screen light up with the texted address yesterday sent her heart into a fit of butterflies, and she silently slid out of bed so not to wake him up.

She glided like a ghost across the carpet, carefully avoiding the spots she knew sent out sharp cracks that made the wood groan underneath her manicured feet, and stopped at the wardrobe. With both hands on the drawer, she took in a sharp breath and held it as she painstakingly skimmed it across its wooden baring.
She swiftly plucked her good lace bra (the one he bought for her on their honeymoon) from the drawer and slid it back in, careful not to disrupt the contents inside. Her heart hammered in her chest but she felt exhilarated; she wanted this more than anything in the world.

When she got a few blocks away from her building, she hopped into the cab and read the address from the wrinkled piece of paper she pulled from her wallet. It had fallen out of her purse this evening and he had picked it up. “Just an address from work,” she casually exclaimed, flipped her hand dismissively, “it must have fallen from a file.” She made a show of crumbling it and tossing it in the trash, maddeningly rifling through the can for it as soon as he left the room.

She smiled recalling the memory. Nobody would ever know. It was her secret and that made her feel in control. Her veins surged with adrenaline as she breathed through her nose slowly to lower her racing heartbeat.

The cab pulled up to the building and it reminded her of a warehouse. She tipped the cabbie and went around back to the door near the alley, remembering what was said to her. “There’s a big door around the back, it looks abandoned but it’s not. Head to the third floor and ring the bell.”

She walked towards the doors and saw movement on the brick wall of the alley. She quickly walked by, trying hard not to stare at the girl on her knees. The man’s deep sighs thrilled something deep inside of her.
She went inside and she climbed the stairs until she got to the large door on the 3rd floor and rang the bell. A younger man wearing boxer-briefs invited her in, raking his eyes along the breast line of her tight dress, admiring her curves. He handed her a blue sticky note and gave her a shy smile before walking away.
She walked through the room towards the kitchen, stepping over writhing bodies and being painfully aware of her own arousal.

She recognized the man’s voice from the ad, strong and assertive in a low baritone. He immediately recognized her from her application photo and strode over to her. He put his hand on the small of her back and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

Whatever he said made her face flush red, and she smiled at the floor, avoiding eye contact. He peeked in her shopping bag that housed her bra and grinned wolfishly at her, baring his teeth in a predatory smile. Her breath caught in her throat as her heart once again beat feverishly in her chest. He passed her a green sticky note, and pointed towards a door, one of many which lined the walls of the room.

Each room had a different coloured sticky note taped to the door; orange, blue, red, yellow, purple, and green. She twisted the knob of the green door and closed it behind her.

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