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04 June, 2013

60,000 Views - Thank You

Tonight my little blog has hit a milestone - I hit 60,000 unique page views.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal but I think it's pretty great. My blog has had many face lifts, multiple changes in direction, several failed attempts at different themes, and finally it's settled into what it is now: 

Essentially a digital bookcase in which I store my unpublished works to provide, for those who like to read or skim,  a plethora of titles, a gallon of ideas, and a way to consume and share my writing (which at any point in my life I can divert back to this blog and say "yes, this is who I am").

Writing makes me happy. More than anything else in the entire world. This is what I want to do, this is who I want to be, and this is how I choose to spend my time, display my feelings, and creatively infuse my life, experiences, and hard-t-convey emotions into characters and stories.

There is nothing that fills me with as much joy then hearing someone compliment my writing. I consider it to be the most humbling of compliments I get (if I get any at all). 

For you see:

Writing is not judged on how much you weigh (or don't), the size of one's curves, the ability to toss a football without somehow horribly mangling yourself in the process, the ability to paint, sing, cook, or dance.

Writing is not judged on how beautiful the writer is, how fortunate (or unfortunate) their physique is, brain power or the ability to solve complex mathematical formulas or bake a souffle without it popping in the oven.

Writing is simply judged on someone's - unseen and unheard - carefully selected groups of little serif letters, amalgamated on a surface in a way where the reader thinks "I like this."

Sometimes we don't know why we like what we read. 

Sometimes it's beautiful or frightening. Moving or maddening. Sometimes we can't explain how, but the words make us feel things,bring us to places we weren't before. They have great power for letters strung together.

So thank you.

Thank you for reading things I post or send you.

Thank you for taking your time to support me, even if it's just to roll your eyes and point out typos. I appreciate you reading this. Sometimes you share it with your friends. And Thank you for that, too.

I know It's not always good, and it's not always short, and it doesn't always end how you like, but 60,000 times you've come here and read what I had to say. And now I hope you hear me when I say "thank you."

Today I celebrate 60,000 views on CloverQuips

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