17 July, 2013

About Clover

My name is Clover and I've struggled with duality my entire life. I am comprised of a few different things, but I have two very distinct things that define me:

1.  I'm what you would call a Chic Geek; someone who does not embody the traditional geek appearance  but still facilitates the stereotypes that encompass the traditional geek lifestyle.

Dictionary.com explains:

Pronunciation: [Sheek]

1. Attractive and fashionable; stylish

2. Style and elegance, especially in dress
3. Stylishness

Pronunciation: [Geek]

Noun Slang
1. A computer expert or enthusiast (a self-referencing term of pride)
2. A peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual


While I certainly don't claim to be overly intellectual (or a dislikable person!), I do hold an Honours Degree in Communications with a Specialization in Digital Culture (formally Information Technology), and a Minor in Applied Computing, so I feel that I am definitely at least some tier of Geek. I also work at a video company so hey, there's that too.

I have been a geek all my life; I've loved video games since the 1989 Nintendo Gameboy and grew up with Zelda, Sonic, Cecil et. al. I also was into computers from a younger age too, fiddling with electronics and modding my desktop computer as I grew. However, I've always love shopping, dresses, hair and makeup, so I break the stereotype in that sense; I always have been feminine and geeky.

2. On a whole other topic; I'm a writer. I have been writing since I was old enough to learn, always writing something, creating stories and worlds with my imagination (I also read enough to demolish books in one sitting). I have had things published since I was in public school: poems for a grade 6 Remembrance Day bulletin, story contests etc. As I got older I found myself writing more and more stories for class and for pleasure. Currently I have over a dozen short stories/novellas/etc I have started, as well as several poems and hypertext based stories.

Once I got to University I wrote a short piece on stuff I hated and posted it to the Facebook Notes section on my profile. People commented on it immediately and told me how funny and true it was and that I should write more. Because of the great feedback, I submitted it to my University newspaper, and the editor loved it. I ended up as an article contributor for my lat year of university, and lead to getting a lot of my work (mostly NSFW language) published, along with a few other serious articles I did about careers and adult stuff.

I started this blog in 2009, and it got maybe 20 hits a month, which I considered to be a triumph. I wrote mainly about things I noticed, rants or raves, things that bothered me, etc. It got to the point where I started using social media to get my blog out there, and more and more people started reading it. I get comments about how funny an article was, and how much someone liked my recent post. That kinda stuff is why I do it. That and the babes-Wait.

Eventually my blog took off enough that I have been increasing my viewers tenfold, and each month I beat out my record of the previous month's numbers. I started to use the blog as a vessel to display some of my writing, as an eventual goal of becoming a published author, or writer of some kind - books preferably.

Anyway, that is the ins and outs of me, my blog, and how I'm a square peg trying to fit into the star shaped hole of the gaming industry.

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