15 July, 2013

Short story ideas from social media

These are some running topics submitted by you guys. The following are ideas that will be created and dedicated to the submitter:

  1. @Fluxuations: Retribution versus revenge.
  2. Ryan McGechaen: Apathy and Lethargy.
  3. @firstelder_d: Retracing the past and loss.
  4. @SteveNaka: Ninjas and backgammon
  5. Timothy Wedel: Peace in death
  6. @windytusks: Dragon fire and black pantyhose
  7. Ryan McGechaen: Personal Growth in a dystopian, totalitarianism future
  8. Willie Frickelton: Dying wolf
  9. Spencer Pearce:  'State trooper' by bruce springsteen
  10. @timothygarris: Rum and a dwindling cellphone battery.
  11. Jay Jain: inventor and freedom
  12. Angelo Italiano: A killer robot found in the African desert disguised as an elephant. It never forgets.

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