05 August, 2013

20 facts about me

This is from one of my favourite people @sz219

1. I was put in a gifted class when I was in Kindegarten. During "play time" I went to the grade 1 class

2. I could read extremely young and I'm a very fast reader and can finish a novel in a day or two (if its thick)

3. I have a superhuman ability to remember faces. I remember faces years after I meet someone once

4. Writing is my passion in life. It makes me happy and I would one day want to make a career out of it

5. I don't really care to travel. I never got the travel bug

6. Up until a year and a half ago I never knew my eyes were big and nobody ever made a comment about them. I also thought they were brown too. 

7. I have really log appendages. I have a long neck, fingers, torso, etc. sitting down I'm taller than girls who are taller than me because of my upper body length

8. since April I've woken up with swollen eyelids, every day, but once I get up and walk it goes away. No doctor knows why

9. I don't like chick flicks or romancey movies. I've never seen Titanic or The Notebook

10. When I was in grade 7 I took apart a phone and tried to put it back together again (it didn't work after but i put it back)

11. I went to university for Film but when I tried hard and only got 60, I transferred I to communications and computer science where I graduated with honours

12. my name is in the credits for the game Dragon Age 2 for Mac

13. I'm pretty handy. I know how to use a lot of tools and do minor repairs around the house

14. I can bake and whenever I bake its mostly to soothe my nerves. I never eat what I bake. Ever. I bake because I like it

15. I consider myself to be really down to earth and I like cool shit people associate with men (games, beer, guitars, classic rock, science, computers) but I'm also extremely feminine. I like my hair and nails done and makeup every day

16. I've had a lot of really life changing experiences, including moving to a foreign city to work not knowing anyone, losing friends in horrific ways, traveling to meet people I never met in person, etc

17. I consider myself to be pretty funny. I have a big heart and am very romantic and caring once my stand-off ish shell is cracked

18. I'm inside my head a lot. I suffer from anxiety and its the result of playing out 49 scenarios each interaction I have. Sometimes I don't do things I want to because I'm afraid the reaction from the other person will not be favourable

19. I have a Zelda obsession. 

20. I was a C+ and B student until I went to university. There I realized I wasn't being challenged and I was introduced to subjects I was interested in and got mostly A's. Honours graduate as well. I regret not trying, I could have been top of my class. Hindsight is 20/20.

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