22 September, 2013

Mirena IUD Journal – September 16th 2013

Pre, During, and Post Effects Since Placement

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I had a few days to wallow in the anticipation pain since my Thursday appointment, where I got a sneak peak of the pain that would ensue during placement. I was feeling pretty good, and was really excited and nervous to have the thing placed and finally be over it all and move on.

I was given 3 types of drugs from the Gyno: 1) pill to be inserted the night before, to dilate 2) an anti-inflammatory that is supposed to block ‘receptors’ and 3) two Tylenol 3’s for pain. I knew right away I would not be taking those – because I have a high pain tolerance and the fact T3s never did anything for my pain during my wisdom teeth extraction. Also I don’t do well on drugs of any kind, so I didn’t want to risk it.

The night before I started freaking out. I was actually having a very near panic attack because I did not want to take the medications. They scared me because I didn’t know if they would make me feel different, or make me sick. I have anxiety and the thought of waking up with my body altered (dilated) made me almost sick. I don’t know why it affected me so much, and it wasn’t the procedure that was scaring me it was taking the actual medication.
I was talking to two very close friends (it was around midnight, since they say you should take it a few hours before the procedure) at the time, and they really helped me calm down. One was a nurse and he kept stressing that I needed to take them, and it would be over soon. Eventually I inserted the pill, and took the other by mouth. I was extremely anxious and I had a hard time sleeping.

The next morning I took the last pill (one at the time of the pill, the other 30 minutes before the procedure) and drove to the office. I was excited and nervous again and the pills didn’t affect me in any way that I noticed.

I got there and was greeted by the Nurse Practitioner and the Gyno, who were both extremely sweet and reassuring. I knew because the Nurse was learning it wouldn’t be as fast as I thought. They said the whole thing takes about 10 minutes, and I’m living the most stressful part right now: the waiting and prep.

They prepped me and put in the speculum, like I was having a normal pap test. Everything was fine at this point but I was getting a bit nervous. I made a conscious decision not to look at any of the tools they were prepping or had brought in. They then inserted what I assume was the uterus speculum, which would hold it open.

This part was the part that started to hurt. I'm not going to lie to you: It didn’t hurt so much as make me feel super uncomfortable. It wasn’t pain. Like I’ve said before, a brick to the face is pain. A punch in the gut is pain, cutting your hand is pain. These are all clear pain feels.  This feeling of a long what felt to be rod, caused instant cramping, intense pressure, and a searing feeling. I felt like the rod was somewhere it should not have been, like things aren’t supposed to go up there, it felt extremely foreign, and very very wrong. I can’t describe it other than in my head all I thought was “get it out get it out get it out.”

I found myself subconsciously taking in deep breaths and letting them out. The Gyno and the nurse were both patting my leg and my foot, and were so great during the whole thing. They kept trying to downplay it (I know what they were doing) by saying things like “it’s just a bit of cramping, right? Not that bad, it just feels like you’re on your period, just some pressure.” Like they were trying to convince me.

I slow breathed in and out for about 5 minutes. The Nurse fumbled a few times as she tried to navigate and the Gyno had to step in to show her, which added time onto the procedure and I'm sure didn’t make the pain/uncomforting feeling any better, because they had to reposition the rod/Mirena. They said they just had to make sure it was in the right place, because the body can reject it if it’s not. So I'm glad they took the time to make sure.

They cut the strings, and they tucked the excess strings into my Cervix. She said they shouldn’t be noticeable to me or any partners, but I would need to make an appointment in 6 weeks to follow up on it, and for the Nurse to teach me how to check the strings and tuck them back in case they were pulled loose. I was a tad disappointed, because I had hoped once this thing was placed I could just ‘set it and forget it’ as they say. For 5 years. So I still have to make an appointment for that.

The last week has been great. Monday (the day of the placement) was the worst, cramp wise. As soon as I left the clinic I had very intense cramps. The kind that is painful and not dull. Sharp, searing cramps that I felt like every bump I hit driving home sent me into barred teeth mode. I was feeling a bit distressed driving, and somewhat light headed. I think it was nerves and shock more than anything.

The pain was very real and as much as I could walk around, it was still present enough to remind me my uterus was on fire. I got home, I took a regular Tylenol, and I headed up several bean bag things and a hot water bottle. I laid in bed and had the heated bottles just under my belly button and just lay there. The warmth was soothing and I ended up staying in bed and an hour, not moving. I was really afraid to get up because it seemed when I twisted or bend over earlier, it was painful.

I got up slowly and stood up. The pain was almost gone. I was absolutely amazed. I felt great. The hot water bottle and the Tylenol really did wonders. I actually went around doing errands, walking around, etc. I felt great. I left my parents house (I stayed there the night before since it was closer to the office) and got back to my place around 6pm on Monday night. I started to have some pain again and I took another Tylenol. It seemed they lasted about 8 hours.

So the next few days I took a Tylenol maybe 3 times for the pain. It was immediately lesser the next day, and even less the next. It got to the point that only 3 days later the pain was almost completely gone for a day at a time. By 5 days I had no residual cramping, pain, or anything. I was back to my normal self.

What I should mention, is that on Sunday night before my procedure, I got my period. Which is horrifying and gross and terrified me. They said it was fine and it may even work to my benefit since it was being placed at the start of my cycle, and any bleeding or spotting would just blend in. The Gyno had said that my period may be wonky now, and I may have spotting for a few weeks.

So the first few days after the placement, I had a regular period. Nothing wonky, nothing weird. I figure maybe since it was already starting when the Mirena was placed it would be wonky next time. I’ve had spotting randomly on and off the past few days, I no longer need to wear tampons (they said tampons were fine, just don’t cramp them all the way up there, and you need to remove them every few hours – nothing new to me).

It seems my period ended and I'm just dealing with residual spotting, which is barely happening. No heavy bleeding or anything. I'm also excited for next month to see if it affects my skin at all. Some people take the pill to help clear up their skin, and I know when I stopped the pill I broke out a bit (of course I was coming up to my period so maybe that’s why).

Over the next few months I’ll update you guys on what happens. So far at this moment, I love it. I am so so happy I did it, and I never have to worry about missing pills, or getting sick again. Oh that’s one thing I wanted to mention. I was worried the Progesterone would make me nauseous like the pill did. So far, I haven’t felt sick once. The waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, the constant sick feeling, and the gut-churning feeling that came with the pill are gone. I can’t believe it, it makes me so happy! I never thought I could get rid of those feelings and I did.

Also, no evident mood swings or depression lows yet. Like I said, I was just on my period so I’ll have to wait a few months to see what’s period-driven, and what my new average will be. I'm also excited to see my period lessen over time and then go away altogether (which can happen). If it goes away forever I would be super excited. It may take months or years I hear, so I’ll see what the next few weeks bring me first.

If you guys have any questions or feedbacks at all feel free to ask and let me know, I'm happy to answer any questions. The one thing I noticed is that not a lot of information exists on people’s in-depth reviews of Mirena: What it was like, what the procedure was, and what happened after. So hopefully this blog series will help someone make up their mind or help aid in their decision.

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