18 August, 2014

List of plot descriptions for my short stories

OK. So. Created a handy-dandy excel spreadsheet which has every top short story I've written in the past few years.

If you are interested in reading anything I've written (you can always visit CloverQuips.com) you can check out this chart which has:

1) Name and link of each story
2) Brief plot outline / synopsis
3) Length of story (small, medium, long)
4) Wordcount of each story (in case your definition of 'short' differs from mine)
5) Genre (Includes: Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Romance, Sentimental, and Real Life)

Let me know any feedback or thoughts, looking forward to sharing everything with you guys!

Chart can be found here.

Any questions? Let me know. You can reach me through twitter @Amanda_Lei

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